Common errors in alert customization

File not uploading to gallery

If the file gallery does not allow your file you will need to make sure it fits the following:

Image files

  • 200kb to 45mb maximum
  • gif, jpeg, png, webm, or mp4 format

Sound files

  • mp3, ogg or wav format
  • 200kb to 45mb maximum

If your file is too big but you cannot reduce it all you can upload it to an external website use the direct link to the file with the link button (looks like a chain to the left of the gallery box) 


Gallery button not showing


The picture above is an example of the gallery area on the Alertbox settings page. The gallery can be used to upload custom images and sounds to Streamlabs by pressing the square (as shown in the image)

However, if you are running an incompatible or out of date browser, the page will not display properly.

To fix this issue you will want to be on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox .(some other browsers may work but these are most common and what is recommended)

If you are already using one of these browsers than your browser probably needs to be updated. A good website to use is . This website will tell you what version you are running and provide instructions on updating the browser you are using. 

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