How do I set up my Wish List?

The wishlist is basically a list of items that you would like to buy.  It is set up so that donators will donate the exact amount of money for the item so that you can buy the item.

1.  Go to your dashboard and click "Wish List".

2.  Click "Add a Wishilst Item" and another window will pop up.

3.  Find the link to the item that you want and paste the link on the first box. 

4.  When you press import, the data should automatically fill.  You might have to move the picture around a bit to center or to zoom in or out. 


6.  After you save it, you should see it on your wishlist page on TwitchAlerts and the donors will be able to see it on the donations page in the "Send a Gift" tab. You can check by going to[TWITCHUSERNAME]. 

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