Setting up a Donation Goal

Donation goals are a great way to get your viewers involved and show them that their donations are going towards you and the stream.

The streamer above is using the donation goal bar to have his chat raise money for his Server bill

To get started setting up a donation goal you will need to go to the donation goal page found here:

  1. Setup your donation goal information

Start by entering in what you want the total of your donation goal bar to say.This is what will display above the goal bar when others see it. (Ex: Server bill for October) Next you will want to set your goal amount, once the money reaches the amount the bar will be full .The starting amount value can be used if you have already raised some donations and want to have them go towards the goal. Lastly set an End date in the End After box, this will decide when you want your goal to end. (When entering the end date you need to give the entire date such as 07/21/2016 ) When you are ready click the big green "Start Donation Goal" button.

    2. Customize the donation goal bar

 To get started customizing your donation goal either press the big green "Donation Goal Widget " button or navigate to Here you can customize between the standard or condensed layout and change any of the colors the bar uses. The font area can use any font on .

   3. Add the widget

When you have it customized in the preview make sure to press the save settings button and then simply copy and paste the link at the top and insertit into your stream software.


Currently  existing goal cannot be edited. if you want to change something in the goal itself you will need to end the goal and set a starting amount to continue your progress.

If you don't know how to add the widget link check out the following guide to get your stream software prepared to add widgets


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    Help add an guide for goals using Paypal, plz.

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