How to Stream on Twitch

New to Twitch? Learn how easy it is to start streaming on Twitch with Talk Studio in a few steps.

1. Create a Twitch account and link it to Talk Studio

If you already have an account, get started by logging into your Twitch account. Enable two-factor authentication via a desktop computer. You can’t broadcast without enabling 2FA-verification. To enable 2FA-verification, please go to your Twitch Security settings and enable 2FA.

Now head back to and sign in.

2. Enable Microphone and Camera

When first logging into Talk Studio, your browser will prompt you to allow access to your Microphone and/or Camera, which by accepting you will be able to stream on Talk Studio without any immediate technical difficulties. If you run into any issues, simply reload our site to start over. You can also check your permissions by clicking the lock icon located on the left next to your browser's address bar.

3. Add Yourself to the Stream

Now you want to add yourself to your main Talk Studio canvas, which is the screen in the middle. Remember, whatever appears on this screen is what will appear on your stream. Add yourself to the canvas by hovering your mouse over your camera feed and by clicking Show on Stream.

4. Go Live

Click Go Live when you're ready to stream from your Talk Studio. A modal will pop up where you will select which destination you would like to stream to.

Once you've selected Twitch, you'll be given a 5-second countdown before you're livestream is up on your Twitch account.

To recap:

  • Sign up for a Twitch account, enable 2FA and link it to Talk Studio.
  • Enable your browser to access your microphone and camera.
  • Add yourself to the canvas by clicking Show on Stream from your left navbar.
  • Click Go Live and select Twitch as your streaming destination
  • Happy Streaming!
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