Stream to a Custom RTMP

Don’t see a streaming destination that Talk Studio supports? Choose to stream there via a Custom RTMP.

A Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), allows you to stream to any other social destination that is not supported on Talk Studio natively. As long as you know the RTMP Ingest URL and Streamkey, you can set that up as a destination on Talk Studio.

1. Log in to Talk Studio

If you log into Talk Studio using your email, you will not need a password. Simply enter the verification you receive via your email inbox and enter your verification code on our login page.

2. Enable Microphone and Camera

If this is your first time logging into Talk Studio, be sure to allow your browser to access both your camera and microphone. If there are any issues you encounter, simply reload the site and grant access to your camera and microphone when prompted. You can also double-check this by clicking on the lock icon located to the left of your browser's address bar.

3. Add Yourself to the Stream

Now you want to add yourself to the streaming canvas, which is the screen in the middle. Remember, whatever appears on this screen is what will appear on your livestream. Add yourself to the canvas by hovering over your camera feed and by clicking Show on Stream.

4. Go Live on your created Custom RTMP

Finally, click Go Live from your Talk Studio, select Add Custom RTMP, and enter the destination name, RTMP URL, and Streamkey.

To recap:

  • Custom RTMP allows you to stream to a site that's not Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or Periscope.
  • All you need is the URL and your stream key, which you should know from the destination where you are sending your stream.
  • Don't forget to enable mic/camera access and have fun streaming!
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