Talk Studio Subscription & Billing

Whether you're a Standard or PRO user, managing your Talk Studio subscription has never been easier. If you have a Streamlabs Ultra subscription, please check out this guide!

Navigating to Your Billing Page

  1. Log into Talk Studio using the account from which you purchased the subscription.
  2. Click your Profile Picture and select Account Settings.

  3. Click Billing from the left menu.

How to get an Invoice/Receipt

  1. Navigate to your Billing page.
  2. Click on Invoices.
  3. Next, click Download to the right of each billing cycle that you need the invoice/receipt from

Update Payment Information

  1. Navigate to your Billing page.
  2. Click on Payment Method.
  3. Click Update Payment.
  4. Fill out your information and press Save.

How to Cancel Subscription

  1. Navigate to your Billing page.
  2. Ensure you’re on the Subscriptions tab and click Change Plan.
  3. Find the Free Plan to the far left and click Cancel Pro Plan or Cancel Standard Plan based on what plan you have.

  4. The next screen will share what perks you won’t be able to access again after unsubscribing. Press Continue to Cancel if you wish to proceed.

  5. On the next screen, tell Streamlabs why you want to cancel your Ultra membership. Select from the reasons provided or tell us in the Other field. Don’t be shy—we truly want your honest feedback! Then, the Continue Canceling button will activate, and you can press it.

  6. After that is done, you’ll see a drop-down indicating that your subscription was successfully canceled.

If you need any further help, our team is happy to answer your questions in a ticket!

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