Talk Studio Subscription & Billing

With an account on Talk Studio, you can choose to subscribe to Talk Studio exclusively or through Streamlabs Ultra. For Talk Studio subscribers, you may visit your Billing page to manage your subscription. (Talk Studio or Streamlabs Ultra)

1. To locate your Billing page, click your Account Icon at the top right of your screen and click Account Settings.



2. From your Account Settings, select Billing from your Menu tab.



Your Billing page includes the following options:

1. Subscriptions

From your Subscriptions tab, review your current plan, the cost of your subscription, your next bill date, or the option to change your plan.


(*Your subscription will be charged automatically on your Next Billed On date. Please ensure to revisit our terms & privacy policy that you accepted during your checkout regarding automatic subscription renewals.


2. Payment Method

From your Payment Method tab, you can review your primary payment method or the option to Update Payment Method if you decide to change how you wish to pay for your subscription.


3. Invoices

From your Invoices tab, review or download your subscription receipt or check the total ($) amount that was charged for your current plan.


4. Cancel

If you no longer wish to keep your subscription and want to cancel instead, please cancel one (1) day before your bill date to avoid charges from processing.

To continue with cancellation, click Change Plan where the option to cancel will be displayed below the Free plan to Continue to Cancel.




We would love to hear from you! For assistance, send a message to our team at, Happy Streaming! 

-The Talk Studio Team 

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