How to Record Your Live Stream with Talk Studio

Recording is now available within Talk Studio. You (our users) dictate what we build. We are happy to deliver this and have so much more coming.

With recording you can now:

  1. Record without going live. Record a private call between you and a guest. It won't be streamed, and where you can choose to use your recording at a later time.
  2. Record your livestream. Set your Settings to record so that whenever you press Go Live, your stream will automatically start recording.

How to use recording on Talk Studio:

To do a simple recording without having to stream and assuming you've already invited your guest to join your stream, simply press the Record option from your Talk Studio:

To automatically start recording your livestream toggle-on the option to Record through your Menu > Settings page:

To access your recordings after your stream, please visit your Account Settings page under Broadcasts & Recordings:

The most recent 15 broadcasts / local recordings will be stored on the cloud from your Broadcasts & Recordings settings page. These recordings will not be stored here permanently and will be deleted after 15 days for Standard members and 30 days for Pro members. It is recommended that you download your recordings via an external hard drive before they are automatically removed for safekeeping purposes.

If you have questions or if you'd like to share your thoughts or ideas on how we can improve or feature requests - be sure to email us at, We'd love to hear from you!

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