How to Multistream with Talk Studio

Not sure how to multistream? In this blog post, we will walk you through how to stream to multiple platforms at the same time. That's right! You are going to broadcast to several destinations at once.

Why is this awesome? Multistream allows you to broaden your reach, strengthen your community, get your message out to more folks, experiment, and see where you resonate most.

When you live stream, we handle everything in the cloud so you and your machine can focus on your show and your audience.

So how do you do it?

  1. Log in to Talk Studio with any account and make sure you enabled access to the microphone and camera. Multistreaming is part of our PRO plan, along with multiple other benefits like customization options, higher quality streams, unlimited streaming, and more.
  2. Connect the platforms that you want to stream to. You can do this in Settings (top right corner). If you need to connect a different account to a platform, simply click x and reconnect.
  3. Click "Go Live" and select all the platforms where you want to stream. They will be highlighted once selected.
  4. Finally, click next, enter the title and description of your stream, and off you go.

To recap:

  • Multistreaming is incredible because it gets your message to more people all via our cloud servers
  • You can log in to Talk Studio with any account, but make sure that you connect and authorize Talk Studio for access to multiple streaming destinations
  • Click go-live and select multiple platforms
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