Go Live on LinkedIn with Talk Studio!

.You can now go live on LinkedIn with Talk Studio. We are so excited to partner with LinkedIn and deliver this direct integration to you.

Let’s talk about a few things:

  1. Why LinkedIn presents a great opportunity
  2. How to become a registered LinkedIn Live broadcaster
  3. How LinkedIn is different from other platforms and what that means for you
  4. How to go live on LinkedIn with Talk Studio once you’re a registered LinkedIn broadcaster

Why LinkedIn presents a great opportunity

According to several reports, LinkedIn has 760 million users and this statistic is from a year ago. LinkedIn continued to see incredible growth throughout all of last year. This is a massive and unique audience that is not present on other platforms.

The folks that are active on LinkedIn are business professionals, which makes LinkedIn a great place to talk about business ideas, current affairs, interviews, and much much more. While Twitch is known as a great place for gamers, LinkedIn is surely the place for business professionals to grow their reach.

Of course - the audience and connections you have on LinkedIn today will likely be notified about your livestream. They can share it across their networks and your reach can grow exponentially.

LinkedIn even states that live video gets 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than native video by the same broadcasters.

How to become a registered LinkedIn Live broadcaster

LinkedIn Live has a different approach to streaming and a different community geared towards professionals. In order to go live, you must first broadcast your stream. To apply - please go here.

How LinkedIn is different from other platforms and what that means for your show

First, the same fundamentals that you think about when you stream to other platforms matter. Make sure that you have a stable WIFI connection, good lighting, a camera, and a microphone. You can check out a few of our blog posts for best practices and tips from the PROs:

Second, the type of content that you will stream might be different. Consider talking about current events, or business, doing an interview with someone, showing off innovative products, discussing an upcoming event, or running a demo.

Okay, I’ve registered as a LinkedIn broadcaster. What do I do within Talk Studio to stream?

Simple as always.

  1. Log into https://streamlabs.com/talk-studio
  2. Click Go Live
  3. and select LinkedIn for your livestream

LinkedIn takes ~15 sec on average before your stream is live. This is by design for most social networks, so if there's a small delay right after you click Go Live this is normal and you will see your live on stream momentarily.

If you have questions or suggestions for us - we are always listening. Please reach out to talkstudio@streamlabs.com Happy streaming!

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