General Tips for using Talk Studio

Assuming that you’ve checked out our Getting Started and Host setup blogs.

Below are a few more tips on what to do ensure that you have a great experience with Talk Studio

  1. Consider disabling a VPN, especially if this is a VPN that has protection against webrtc. Webrtc is the core stable and proven technology that enables you to stream from your browser. Examples of VPN that you should disable to have a good experience are below. Please make sure that they are not running in the background by going to task manager and or your browser and disabling them as an extension

    • Nord VPN
    • Pure VPN
    • Express VPN
  2. Connect to Ethernet. Yes WIFI helps, but if you can have a direct connection - that may help too circle_camera-6102ca9c8cda75d82d39ed32.png
  3. Ensure that you have good lighting. Good lighting makes a difference. Learn more here.
  4. If you are sharing screen - please remember that whether you can share audio depends on your operating system and what you ar sharing. Below checklist will help

    • Windows = audio can be shared via entire screen or chrome tab, but not via an app window
    • Mac = audio can be shared oly via chrome tab, but not via app window or entire screen

As always, if you are stuck somewhere or just looking for advice - feel free to reach us at, and we'll answer right away! Thank you!

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