Talk Studio Branding

Talk Studio is packed with features to allow you to personalize your studio and manage your live stream & participant settings. Below we’ll cover the essentials.


Pick your own logo, studio background, or overlay through your Design tab. (Shift+D) Select from presets available or upload your own image. (png/jpeg) Mark it as Live to preview from your main studio page.

(*Pro Tip: Explore our Logo Maker to create your own logo.)

(*Pro Tip: Switch on Forward Overlay to reposition your overlay. Will also stack on top of intro/outro video.)


Select your brand color, font, or theme through your Styles tab. (Shift+O) Color selection will remain identical for all highlighted text, banners, tickers, chat, or livestream name tags.


Include a banner, ticker, or teleprompter through your Text tab. (Shift+T) Click Add New to add up to 20 per option total. Mark it to Show/Selected to preview from your Talk Studio/main canvas. Additional settings may be available per option.


Select from available presets or upload a video through your Video tab. (Shift+Y) Set a clip as your intro/outro, upload your own video instead (mp4 recommended), or select a Virtual Background option additionally. Mark it as Live to preview from your Talk Studio/main canvas.


Participant settings will offer tools to equip your live stream through your studio Settings tab. (Shift+G) Toggle an option to adjust your own personalized studio settings.

We would love to hear from you! Send a message to our team at Happy streaming and recording!

- The Talk Studio Team

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