Talk Studio Co-Host

Send an invite to a teammate or friend to join your account as your Co-Host. Please see below per subscription plan:

  • Free users - Up to 1 teammate
  • Standard users - Up to 3 teammates
  • Pro users - Up to 5 teammates

Co-hosts will have limited access to your account. Please see the below details on what co-hosts can & cannot manage: 

Invite/Remove Guests Start/End Stream
Screen Share Close Host Screen Share
Add Background Audio Schedule Streams
Show/Hide Comments Reply on Chat
Change Design Profiles Upload files for Design/Text/Video
Edit Styles or Design  Upload Stream Avatar
Green Screen Upload Green Screen Background
Add/Edit Banner or Ticker Broadcasts & Recordings Page
Teleprompter Edit Billing

Send a Team Invite 

1. Located on the left side of your studio, click your Team tab then click Invite Member.

2. Enter your teammate's email address and click Send Invite. (Link valid for 24 hours)

3. Your teammate will receive your invitation through their email inbox to Accept Invite. They will be redirected to where they will need to log in to their newly created account. 

4. After they have logged in successfully, you will see your co-host's camera feed from your left navbar. Please ensure the appropriate Team has been selected if you do not see your co-host. 

(*Pro Tip: If your co-host is unable to log into the same Team, please ask them to check that their browser doesn't have any extensions enabled.) 

5. If a co-host wants to leave your team, have them click the Team tab for the option to Remove.

Things To Keep In Mind

1. You can have multiple co-host teams but co-hosts cannot invite additional co-hosts.
2. The Host must be present if a teammate wishes to co-host.
3. Disconnection Protection will be triggered and the show will automatically end after 5 minutes if the host is not present.

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