Talk Studio Green Screen

Green Screen Guidelines

When using a physical green screen, proper lighting is very important to help the chroma-keying process, for better green screen results:

  1. Straighten your backdrop. Your green screen must fill the entire screen. No gaps, creases, or wrinkles should be present on-camera.
  2. Resolution Minimum. From your Talk Studio, locate and click the up-arrow next to your Stop Video button to change your resolution to a minimum of 720p resolution.
  3. Even lighting. Lighting is the most important. The same hue of green throughout your backdrop will result in better quality. 
  4. A Good GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Green screen utilizes a lot of processing power. Having a quality graphics card will ensure optimal performance.
  5. Green-colored clothing. If your clothes are green, you will camouflage yourself when green screen is enabled.
  6. Adjust native ISO. For most professional DSLR cameras, the ISO is the sensitivity of your camera sensor. If it's too high, you'll get graininess which makes the chroma-keying process much more difficult. Native ISO is the best option, so it doesn't compromise power to increase exposure in low-light scenarios.
  7. Get beautiful, high-quality backgrounds. Large HD backgrounds make a great first impression. Visit sites like Unsplash, Pexels, and to find your ideal backdrop.

Green Screen Setup

1.  From your Chrome browser, click the 3-dot icon to visit your browser Settings page.

2.  Click System then toggle the option to "Use hardware acceleration when available". Relaunch your browser if prompted to.

hardware acc

3.  Open a blank browser window and type "chrome://flags" in the address bar and press Enter. Then type "Override software rendering list"  in the search box and enable the option.


4.  You've now granted permission to use Green Screen. From your Talk Studio, click the Video button (Shift+Y) and toggle on  Enable Virtual Background > I'm using a green screen.

5.  Now change your Talk Studio resolution to a minimum of "720p @ 30 fps" by locating and clicking the up-arrow next to your Stop Video button. 

6.  Select your new virtual background as LIVE to preview from your main studio canvas. 

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