Talk Studio Facebook Live Events

Scheduling Parameters

When scheduling your stream from your Talk Studio, please be advised that you will only be able to schedule within a 50-day window. Additionally:

  • Do not delete your destinations at any point after scheduling your stream.
  • Facebook will only allow you to schedule up to 10 destinations per scheduled stream.
  • If the date & time of your scheduled stream has expired, you will not be able to start your stream. Please delete it and create a new one.
  • When starting your scheduled stream, please go live within 15 minutes before the original scheduled date & time. (minimum)

How To Schedule

  1. From your Talk Studio, click the Schedule button, (Shift+J) then click + Schedule.
  2. Select the FB destination(s) you would like to schedule your stream to.
  3. Select between a Live-stream or Pre-recorded video.
  4. Enter your scheduled stream title, description, date & time (50-day limit), and thumbnail.
  5. After entering details for your scheduled stream, you will receive a pop-up notification that you successfully scheduled your stream.

Your Public Facebook Feed

Facebook will not display upcoming events from your main feed by default. After creating your scheduled stream on Talk Studio, please:

1. Visit your Facebook Event and click the Share button > Share to Feed.

2. If you are unable to successfully schedule your stream on Facebook, please visit your Facebook Business Integrations page and click View and edit next to the ‘Talk Studio (Streaming) App to go over your permissions.

Starting Your Scheduled Stream

Please follow the instructions below on how to start your scheduled stream on Talk Studio. If there are guests who will be joining your scheduled stream, please press the Enter Studio button first per scheduled stream:

1. Click the Schedule button (Shift+J) then click the Enter Studio button per scheduled stream listed.

After you have entered your studio for your scheduled stream, you may invite your guests to join your scheduled stream at this point. When you are ready to start your scheduled stream, press the Go Live button. (Shift+Enter)

If for any reason you are not ready to start your scheduled stream, press the Schedule button again to Leave Studio.

Facebook Avatars

Facebook will not publicly display a viewer's name or profile picture by default. if you would like to display a viewer's name and picture, please:

  1. invite your viewers to visit through your stream's description field.
  2. Your viewers will need to visit the link to allow Facebook to publicly display their name & profile picture as shown in the example below.

(Default view)

(After visiting as a viewer/follower/subscriber)

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