Talk Studio Intros & Outros

Set up a video to play as your intro or outro. From your Talk Studio, locate and click the Video button for setup. 

  • Free users can select available presets only
  • Standard users can upload max 150 MB file size (Codec: H264/mp4)
  • Pro users can upload max 300 MB file size (Codec: H264/mp4)

Media Upload Setup 

1. From your Talk Studio, click the Video button. (Shift+Y)

2. From your Clips section, select from available presets or upload your own video. Press the play button to preview from your main canvas marking it as LIVE.

3. Next to the play button, click the 3-dots per clip to mark your video to: Set as Intro or Set as Outro. By setting your video as an intro, your selection will play at the very beginning of every live stream.

4. Choose to upload your own video as an additional option. (Mp4 format preferred)

(*Pro Tip: once a clip is playing, all participants will be muted to avoid mic feedback by design. If you would like to speak over the clip, simply unmute yourself from your left navbar and you will be audible during the video playthrough.) 
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