Talk Studio Local Recording

Local Recording when enabled, offers separate raw audio & video tracks per participant for download. They will be stored on your Broadcasts & Recordings page with limited storage capacity per subscription. 

Storage per subscription:

  • Free users - 15 of the most recent recordings will be saved for 3 days
  • Standard users - 15 of the most recent recordings will be saved for 15 days
  • Pro users - 15 of the most recent recordings will be saved for 30 days

(*All old recordings will be automatically deleted after the allotted time has expired. If for any reason you are unable to download, please email us at to re-upload your broadcast/recording.)

Enable Local Recording

To enable Local Recording, press the Settings button (Shift+G) from your Talk Studio under the Output section. (*mobile devices are not supported.)

(*Pro Tip: Your CPU may be subject to over-usage. While Talk Studio is packed with features, it's recommended you enable the settings that you will regularly use only. This will help ensure that your computer is not taxed or overworked and is not subject to overheating.)

How Local Recording Works

Video & Audio is recorded separately and stored locally per participant. The "recording" will continue just as long as the participant remains LIVE on stream. This includes yourself, your guests, as well as, co-hosts. 

After a live stream has ended, the recordings are saved with the identical video/audio input settings that were originally selected. If at any point those settings are changed or edited, the "recording" will stop and a new recording will start with the applied new video/audio settings selected. 

Please ensure to onboard your guests before you start to press the Leave button (displayed on their Talk Studio) when they are done with their live stream. This helps ensure Talk Studio recognizes that they have finished their portion of your live stream, otherwise, their broadcast will remain LIVE if they accidentally close their browser window by pressing the X/Close button.)
A notification will be displayed to confirm that the local recording has been uploaded successfully and it is safe to close their browser window.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Local recording does not support mobile devices of any kind. (Android/iOS) 
  • If at any point video/audio settings are edited during a live broadcast, the "recording" will stop and a new one will start.
  • If your recording is interrupted due to network/server interruption within the first 10-15 seconds during a live broadcast (file size less than 5Mb), the local recording will not be uploaded.
  • You must have at least 5Gb of free space on your computer if you decide to enable local recording.

Have any questions or concerns? Contact us at, and our team would be happy to assist you further. Thank you. 

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