Talk Studio Multiple Camera Support

As a Pro user, switch up your live stream production by selecting different camera angles from your Talk Studio by adding multiple cameras. (*mobile devices not supported.)

How To Add Multiple Cameras

1. From your studio, click the Add Cam button. (Shift+K)

2. Select your camera's video input, resolution, and then click Add. (*Up to 11 cameras with a pro subscription.) 

(*To edit camera settings, please remove the camera off your studio then add them back in with your updated changes. *Includes any changes to Mirror My Video and/or Resolution.) 

3. Your camera feeds will be displayed from your left navbar. Click the Show/Hide on stream button per camera feed to display them on your main canvas. (*Audio only supported for main camera source.

4. To remove cameras locate and click the "X" close button per camera feed from your left navbar.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • When adding a new camera, please make sure you keep your primary camera on-screen. 
  • If Local recording is enabled, audio is only supported for your primary camera source. No additional audio sources supported.
  • Guests can also add additional cameras, however, please prep beforehand.
  • You cannot add the same camera twice.
  • Click the Spotlight button to full-screen a secondary camera while using the audio from your primary camera.


Have any questions? Share your experience on Talk Studio with our team by contacting us at, Thank you and happy streaming! 

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