Talk Studio Participant Settings

Participant Settings offer unique attributes when your guests accept or join your live stream.

1.  From your studio, press the Settings button. (Shift+G)

  • My name - Change your on-screen name.
  • My Stream Avatar - Display an image if your camera is turned off.

Please review below for additional livestream attributes you can personalize yourself.

  • Show Names - Show your participant nametags on-screen
  • Audio Status - Show participant audio status on-screen (eg. Mute)
  • Audio Warning - Detects a muted mic if a participant is speaking 
  • TTS on join - Audible announcement when a guest joins your live stream
  • Speaker Indicators - A visual indicator when a participant is speaking
  • Display Quality Indicators - Real-time network indicators to display network connection strength. (only visible to guests & never to viewers/followers.)
  • Show screen share to self - Disable to avoid 'hall of mirrors' effect when screen sharing
  • Name at the bottom - Display nametags at the bottom of the screen
  • Toggle rounded corners - Round the corners of each video feed

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