New Feature! Thank You Gifts

Today the Streamlabs Charity team is excited to announce a new feature for charities and fundraisers on our platform. Thank You Gifts have arrived.

In my experience, gratitude is abundant in the world of nonprofit organizations. In no other sector have I seen such an outpouring of goodwill and kindness. The act of giving is cyclical; when someone gives you a gift, the natural response is to give back in return. For this reason, many charities have expressed a desire to give back to the streaming community and show gratitude for the amazing work their fundraisers do every day.

From handwritten thank you letters to hoodies, t-shirts, and stickers, there are many gifts that charities would like to give to the fundraising community. That’s where this new feature comes in.

How it works for charities

If you’re logged into Streamlabs Charity as a nonprofit organization (not a fundraiser), you’ll now see a new link in your sidebar that takes you to your Thank You Gifts page.

From here, you can add gifts and incentives that charity-streamers can earn as they hit fundraising milestones for you. Just add a name, description, image, and the total dollar amount the streamer needs to raise to be eligible to receive the reward.

Once you do it all it will appear below, and you can edit it any time.

When you’re ready to fulfill the gifts your fundraisers have earned, each gift will appear on a table at the bottom of the page with any / all shipping information you may need.

How it works for streamers

Once the gifts and incentives are created by the charity, they’ll also appear for fundraisers. Note that they’ll only appear once a streamer creates a fundraising campaign. If you’re a streamer, check in to your Thank You Gifts page periodically to see if any charities you’ve fundraised for have created new gifts you can claim. When gifts for you are available, they will look something like this:

As you hit fundraising milestones, you can request the incentives offered by the charity.

Don’t forget to click the request button for any gifts you’d like to redeem. As you achieve these milestones, we’ll email you to remind you.

Give and Let Give

The world of charity is powered by giving, and every gift deserves gratitude. We hope this feature is a fun way for charities to show their appreciation for their passionate fundraisers and that it helps to give the world of charity streaming a nice boost of gratitude at the same time.

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