New Feature for Streamlabs Charity: Rewards!

Today the Streamlabs Charity team is proud to announce the launch of a new feature on our charity streaming platform,

Now charities and streamers can add rewards for fans who donate during charity streams. Rewards are a great way to thank donors, and incentivize them to participate during fundraising events. These can be anything from “thank you” letters to actual merch distributed by charities, sponsors, or streamers. They can be claimed from the donation page during checkout.

Rewards can be claimed by donors during checkout.

Adding rewards is super fast and easy, for both charities and streamers. Here’s how:

  1. Login to and Click on “Rewards” in the sidebar (this link for streamers and this link for charities).
  2. Chose the campaign you’re fundraising for.
  3. Fill out the details for each reward (name, description, image, etc)

And that’s it! Each reward you add will automatically appear on your campaign’s donation page.

Minimum Donation

If you’d like the reward to only be available if a donation is above a certain threshold ($20, for example), you can enter the minimum amount in this field. Once you do, any donor that donates a lower amount will see a locked version of that reward on the donation page with the message “Donate $10 more to unlock this reward.”

Rewards can have a minimum donation

Quantity Available

Do you have a limited supply of a certain reward? No problem. Just enter that quantity in the corresponding field, and the reward will disappear when they’re all claimed.

Shipping by Mail

Does your reward require shipping? If so, just toggle this field on, and the shipping information will be collected during the donor’s checkout.

When you’re ready to fulfill the rewards that have been claimed, you’ll be able to export the shipping information you need directly from your rewards dashboard.

Limited Time Offers

Is a reward only available within a certain timeframe? No problem. You can set that timeframe while you’re creating the reward, and it will automatically stop appearing on your donation page on that date.

We hope you love this new feature, it’s been fun to build. Stay tuned for more awesome features coming soon, and if you have any feature requests for Streamlabs Charity don’t hesitate to let us know by emailing

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