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We recognize that all of the tools offered from Streamlabs can be a bit overwhelming. We created this guide to point you in the right direction, whether you’re looking to start streaming, make your own podcast, or set up a YouTube channel. Though most people associate Streamlabs with streaming, we have a full suite of tools to help content creators of all types. First, we’ll do a brief overview of each of the main tools that Streamlabs offers, with links to helpful YouTube tutorials and articles. We’ll also answer some questions you may have along the way.

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I heard all of the Streamlabs tools cost money. Is this true?

All of the basic features of Streamlabs’ tools are free to use. Creators wishing to access more features can sign up for Streamlabs Ultra, an optional membership that includes perks like multistreaming, VIP support, and premium overlays.

Streamlabs Desktop

The software we are most known for, Streamlabs Desktop allows you to live stream from your computer to sites like Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Gaming, and more. Streamlabs Desktop also supports recording and screen recording, a useful function for people who make YouTube videos, tutorials, and work-related recordings.

Streamlabs Mobile

Go live right from your phone with the Streamlabs Mobile app. You can add overlays, alerts, a chat box, and more.

Streamlabs Console

Gamers who want to go live straight from their Xbox can add customizations like overlays, alerts, and more with Streamlabs Console.

Cross Clip

Take Twitch clips, YouTube videos, and any other video footage you want to share and use Cross Clip to format them for apps like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram. Posting content from your streams or YouTube videos on short-form apps is a great way to grow your audience.


A browser-based video editing software that will make your life as a YouTube creator so much easier. Oslo is intuitive, easy-to-use, and allows you to upload your videos straight to YouTube (no need to download them and take up space on your computer). You can even invite other people to collaborate on editing your videos.


Perfect for podcasters or anyone who wants to stream with multiple guests, Melon is a browser-based live streaming tool. Melon has a simple, sleek user interface while allowing for a ton of customization. Melon’s teleprompter tool and other impressive features allow you to record, go live, or do both in style.


The tool that ties everything together, Willow is a link in bio tool that allows you to house all of your social media links in one place. By popping your Willow link into your Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram, you can ensure that your followers will find your content no matter where it is. You can even accept tips, sell your merch, or create a mailing list straight from your Willow page.

Streamlabs Desktop Features Explained

If you are brand new to streaming and unfamiliar with all of the different features we offer, we’re here to help. We’ll break down each of the different tools that Streamlabs Desktop offers in easy to understand language—no stream slang for you to decipher.

Essential Tools

Alert Box (standard edition is free)

Alerts let you know when someone has followed you, subscribed, or donated. If you have a Streamlabs Alert Box added to your stream, alerts will pop up on your screen allowing you to properly thank whoever has donated/subbed/etc. Alerts are essential for streaming as they encourage viewer participation.

Widgets (standard edition is free)

Widgets are different things you can use to customize your streams. Some of the most common widgets are chat boxes, event lists, and goals. There are a lot of different widgets out there, so we recommend researching the different ones we offer and trying a few that you think will enhance your streams. For example, goals can inspire people to follow or donate and chat boxes can encourage viewers to be active in the chat.

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Tipping (standard edition is free)

One of the best tools we offer, your Streamlabs tip page allows you to receive tips from your viewers, even if you aren’t able to monetize through Twitch (or any other streaming platform) yet. You can start accepting tips from your first stream with a Streamlabs tip page.

Themes and Overlays (standard edition is free)

If you’ve ever watched a live stream on Twitch, you may have noticed fun and unique designs called Overlays. At Streamlabs, we have thousands of overlays for you to customize your streams. You can switch up your overlays with your mood or stick with similar ones that fit your branding. With so many different overlays in one place, you won’t have to worry about sites where you need to pay per design.

  • You can view the Streamlabs overlay library here

Cloudbot (standard edition is free)

Your very own virtual stream assistant. Not only can you program Streamlabs Cloudbot to monitor your chat for unsavory characters, you can have it host giveaways, run announcements at timed intervals, and play minigames with your viewers.

Charity (free)

Use your stream to raise money for your favorite charities. Most sites take a cut of your funds: we don’t.

App Store (standard edition is free)

With the App Store, you can download various applications (both third-party as well as Streamlabs original) to enhance your streams. Popular apps are Streamlabs Music (to listen to royalty free music on stream), Stream Timer (useful if you’re doing speedrun challenges and the like), and other interactive apps for gaming and customization.

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  • Check out our newest app, Streamlabs Music

Multistream (Ultra required)

Stream to multiple destinations at the same time. With Multistream, you can go live to Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Live, Trovo, and more simultaneously. You can even enter custom RTMP destinations.

Design and Branding Tools

To create a strong online presence, it helps to have branding in place. Streamlabs has a ton of free tools to help you give your streams, channel page, and social media pages a professional look. The best part? You don’t have to be an artist or a designer to use our tools.

Creator Sites (standard edition is free)

With a Streamlabs Creator Site, you can have your tip page, social media links, merch page, and more in one place. If you have a Streamlabs Ultra membership, you can customize your page to match your stream and keep in line with your branding.

Merch Store (standard edition is free)

Create and sell your own merch with Streamlabs. We’ll take care of all the ordering, packing, and shipping—all you have to do is upload your designs, add them to products, and stock up your store.

Twitch Panels (standard edition is free)

Create customized Twitch Panels quickly and easily with our premade templates. Custom panels will give your Twitch page a sleek, professional look.

YouTube Thumbnails (free)

We take the guesswork out of designing your own YouTube thumbnails. Choose from tons of designs in our library to make a thumbnail for your YouTube channel in seconds.

Emote Maker (free)

Live streaming and emotes go hand-in-hand. Streamlabs Emote Maker lets you create emotes that you can download and assign to your channel—no drawing skills required!

Logo Maker (free)

Design your own logo with Streamlabs Logo Maker. Choose from over 100 different premade templates or create your own logo from scratch. You can use your logo in your channel branding, across social media, and even put it on your merch.

Intro Maker (free)

Create a video to play at the start of your streams. Choose from our premade themes to add music, text, and more. A custom intro is great for a variety of things, such as telling people about your merch, sharing your social media info, and highlighting any news or events you want to share.

Bio Link Tool (standard edition is free)

Clicking on Bio Link Tool from your Streamlabs dashboard will take you to Willow, the link-in-bio tool we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Clip Editor (standard edition is free)

Clicking on Clip Editor from your Streamlabs dashboard will take you to Cross Clip, the video editor we mentioned earlier that lets you format clips to portrait mode for sharing on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

Social Reminders (free)

Create animated popups to show on your stream. We have a variety of templates for you to customize, including ones to encourage people to join your Discord server, follow you on various social media platforms, check out your merch, and more. You can also customize these templates to use in your YouTube videos.

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