How to Add Platform Icons in Streamlabs Chat Box

Multistreaming has gained popularity among content creators entertaining audiences across multiple streaming platforms. By streaming on various platforms at once, creators can reach a wider audience while saving time, energy, and resources. Recently, Streamlabs introduced platform icons in our Chat Box to help you and your audience identify where people are tuning in from at a glance. Now, next to a chatter’s name in the chat box, you’ll see a small icon noting which streaming platform the viewer is watching from. Keep reading to learn more about this feature and how to use it today. 

How to Set Up Platform Icons in Streamlabs Chat Box

It’s important to note that multistreaming is only available to Streamlabs Ultra members. In case you’re unfamiliar, Streamlabs Ultra is a next-level creative suite subscription featuring pro versions of our tools for creators (including multistreaming available through Streamlabs Desktop and mobile). If you wish to begin multistreaming using Streamlabs Desktop or are searching for other tools to help with streaming, check out this article featuring everything you need to know about Ultra.

If you’re already a Streamlabs Ultra member, turning on platform icons for your chat box is as simple as going to your chat box settings in your Dashboard and checking the Show Viewer’s Platform Icon box. Now, you’ll see in real-time what platform people are tuned in from. Be sure to give your viewers a shoutout and cross-promote your platforms as you see fit. 

Additionally, some restrictions may apply when multistreaming or simulcasting from platforms such as Twitch which in some cases only allows multistreaming to specific platforms. Please check directly with your preferred streaming platform for rules and regulations related to multistreaming. 

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