Streamlabs OBS FAQ

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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and suggestions on troubleshooting. Feel free to join the discord for further support.


We greatly appreciate all of your feedback! We are working diligently to incorporate it into future releases. 

Q • How should I submit bugs and crashes?  

A • You can submit issues on our tracker at:

  • Make sure to check if the issue has already been posted first.
  • Go to SLOBS: Settings > Upload Cache to Developers and include the file name in your report.
  • Include as much information as you can about your system specifications and the issue. 
  • Feel free to post the link to your report in the #bug-reports channel in the discord so our support team can take a look at the issue for you as well.

Q • How should I submit suggestions/ideas?

A • You can submit suggestions/ideas on our tracker as well at:

  • Make sure to check if the suggestion/idea has already been posted first.
    Make sure to set "Severity: Feature" or "Severity: Tweak" depending on what your suggestion/idea is.
  • Feel free to post a link to your suggestion in the #suggestions channel of the discord so others can comment on your suggestion/ideas as well.

Q • How should I submit suggestion? (not related to SLOBS)

A • You can submit suggestions and ideas at: Then feel free to post a link to your suggestion in #suggestions so others can vote on your ideas.


General Questions


Q • How do I the chat to the left side of the screen?

A • You can do this under general settings> second checkbox down


Q • Can I change the process priority in settings?

 A • Not yet- this is coming in the next release.


Q • Is there a studio mode or projector mode? 

 A • Not yet- this will be added in a future release.



Crash Bugs

Q • Streamlabs OBS is stuck at "Checking For Updates".

A •Try these Troubleshooting steps:

  • On your keyboard press the Window key -> Type %localappdata%\programs -> Find the slobs-client folder. Move this folder from AppData to C:\Program Files (x86) and then reboot your system, now retry loading SLOBS from the new location.
  • Updating Windows 7 to the latest update
  • Restart your computer
  • Remove any special characters in your username -> This should be fixed in the next release
  • Install Microsoft Visual Redistributable 2015

We are still investigating this issue and it should be fixed soon. 


Q • Streamlabs OBS crashed trying to import my OBS scenes.

A • It's possible there is either too much data or a piece of data in your OBS scene JSON file that SLOBS is struggling with.

  • So either remove pieces from OBS before trying to import or just skip importing when starting SLOBS and re-setup your scenes.

  • You can also report this issue on the tracker so that we can investigate further.

Q • StreamLabs OBS keeps closing every 2 minutes for no reason.

A • This issue was related to a text outline and has been fixed.


Common Bugs

Q • AMD processors having issues

A • Updating drivers has worked for some users. We are still investigating this issue and should have a fix soon. 

Q • Streamlabs OBS failed to import my OBS scenes! (no crash)

A •This issue is fixed- the OBS importer will now select the OBS scene collection that was selected in OBS. 


Q • When I press the Go Live button in SLOBS, my bitrate shows 0 and I never seem to actually go live on Twitch; when I check the Settings > Stream > Server the server list dropdown is empty.

A • On the Settings > Stream page, change your Service to something other than Twitch and back again; this will refresh your server list allowing you to select a server.

Q • Youtube chat is not working, can't login

A • This is a known issue that will in a future update.

Q • Hotkeys not working as expected (mouse buttons included)

A • This is a known issue that will be fixed soon.

Q • Recording is not saving files

A • This is a known bug with advanced encoder settings that we're looking into, try basic settings. This can also affect advanced streaming settings as well.




Q • Are you planning to add the NDI plug-in to SLOBS?

A • Yes, that is in the plans of things to be added.

Q • Why are my VST Plugins not working?

A • This issue has been fixed.

Q • How do you enable Face Masks?

A • You can enable Face Masks by right-clicking on your camera source and choosing Filters.

Q • How to I connect a Face Mask to my alerts?

A • This feature is not yet implemented; we want to make sure that Face Masks are working perfectly before we allow you to connect them to your alerts. This will be released at a later date.


Audio/Video Issues


Q • My webcam is not saving settings

A • Unplugging, reconnecting and restarting seems to fix a lot of issues with logitech cameras.

Q • My desktop audio is not working!

A • This is usually caused by your audio being managed by another program. If your computer came with any sound management software, try shutting that down.
The two apps we've seen most frequently causing this are Realtek HD Audio Manager, and Nahimic 3D Sound, though there may be others.

Q • My audio is in Mono Mode and Not Stereo Mode

A • Click the :gear: icon above the Mixer on the right, disable downmix to mono

Q • My capture card is not working (various models)

A • There are some devices having issues; we are working on getting this fixed asap.

Q • Game capture not working

A • This is a known issue and it has been reported to the devs. Try using window capture or display capture for the time being. 

Q • Window capture not working when trying to capture my browser

A • This is typically caused by: Hardware acceleration. To fix in Chrome, goto: Settings > Advanced > Disable Hardware Acceleration


Stream Labels/Text Sources


Q • My Stream Labels and/or Text Sources are blank

A • The label may be pulling from an empty file. Try recreating the label and testing without Google Webfonts. Also make sure the source is above the others.

  • If you have text sources set up for your stream labels, you will still need to have the Streamlabels application open. Create new sources as Stream Label sources if you wish to have only Streamlabs OBS open.

Q • My Stream Labels and/or Text Sources are STILL blank

Try recreating the label and testing with Google Webfonts. 

  • Text sources still blank will be fixed in a future release


Q • How can I reset my Stream Session?

A • Use the reset session button in SLOBS. 


Q • Will there be Mixer Support

A • Yes eventually there will be Mixer Support, it's on the todo list after Youtube support is fully complete. FTL support is available.

Q • Will there be BTTV Emote Support

A • This may be added in the future, please upvote the idea if you want this:

Q • Where is the chatbot, I can't find the chatbot settings?

A • Chat bot currently is not integrated. You'll need to run it along side SLOBS. The download link and the documentation can be found at: Chatbot is planned to be integrated into SLOBS in the future.

Q • Does SLOBS work with Streamdeck?

A • Hotkey bindings currently only work. We're working on getting the integration between them working ASAP. You can find out how to do hotkey setup here:

Q • I heard there was a Streamdeck beta that works with Streamlabs?

A • Yes, you can find out more about that at:




Moving complex images involving multiple layers of sources

Build all of your sources into one scene (for example named Webcam Frame) and when everything is positioned how you like it, import the Webcam Frame SCENE; as a SOURCE in your desired scene.
You'll then be able to move, position, and resize the group of images with one nudge or drag, and they'll always remain proportional to one another.

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