Using the Credits Widget

Set up a rolling credit to show all the supporters during the session.


The first thing you will see once you enter the settings page for the credits widget, will be this:


As you can see, this will give your your Widget URL and two buttons (Test Roll Credits & Roll Credits Live).
"Test Roll Credits" should be pretty self explanatory, it's so you can test the widget of course.
"Roll Credits Live" button is the fun one. This will allow you to display your the real credits on your stream.

Roll Live Credits only works correctly when your stream is LIVE and will only show data from the current stream in progress.
So if you end your stream and start it back up, or if your stream crashes and then you restart it...
Details about events that happened prior to the stream becoming live, will not be displayed.

 The next thing you will see is the Preview Window. Here you can see what your widget will look like.



Finally you will see the Widget Settings.



In the settings you can do things like... Change your Theme, Edit the Titles and Sub Titles, Include/Remove Events, Change the Delay and Speed. Then of course for the advanced users, you can use Custom HTML/CSS.

Don't forget, after making changes to you widgets, it's always best to clear your cache files in your streaming software to make sure you're seeing the most current changes that have been made.





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