How to Ban Words from Alerts, Widgets, and Recent Events- Profanity Filter

To set up filters for words you would like to ban from your stream alerts follow the simple steps below. Doing this will censor these words from showing up in all of your alerts on stream.


1. Navigate to the "Settings" section of your account in the left hand panel by expanding the "Account" section and clicking on "Settings". 



2. Select the "Settings" tab on this page to configure your donation settings


3. Scroll down and configure your profanity filter and custom bad words settings. You can also enable the option to apply your settings to your recent events by ticking the "Apply profanity filter on recent events". This will hide bad words or events that you do not wish to see from showing in your Recent Events dashboard. 


You can select from the options in the dropdown and use the standard bad words list. You can also opt to use only your own custom bad words list, or both. 


**Exercise caution when banning words that could be part of a normal message. If you selected to "disable alerts containing bad words", you may not receive any alerts. 

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