What are Guilds? (Guild Members)


By joining a guild, you (“You”, “member”) agree to these terms of service below in addition to the standard terms of service and privacy policy of Streamlabs (“Company,” “We, “It") (https://streamlabs.com/terms)

Guild, paid or free, will remain the property of Streamlabs including any members, files, or other assets. Streamlabs reserves the right to cancel memberships, revoke or delete any Guild if it believes that any violations have occurred.

You shall not join Guilds to promote any hate, violence, crime, pornography, spam, harassment, illegal substances, or any other illegal activity.

By applying to a paid Guild, you agree that the card is your own and authorize Streamlabs to charge each paid Guild transaction in full. Streamers are in charge of setting the price for each Guild. All purchases are final and not subject to refunds unless your application is denied.

Streamlabs reserve the right to cancel a Guild, or any particular member, if it believes that fraud, theft of funds is taking place. If you engage willfully in payment fraud, you will forfeit rights to any Guilds and your Streamlabs account may be deactivated.

You will not be publicly be disclosed by Guild leaders. Any Guild information or activities will remain private within the group.

If you are removed from a paid Guild for reasons other than abuse of TOS, harassment or fraud (without “Cause”), then you will be entitled to a partial or full refund for that month.

Use of any third-party services such as Discord provided for the Guild requires acceptance of their Terms of Service and Privacy policies.

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