Setting up Discord for Guilds

As a Guild Leader, you can enable Discord's Server when you are creating your Guild. This will allow you to communicate with your Guild members when they join.

What is a Guild Server?

  • Streamlabs uses Discord to create a private Guild server. 
  • This can be used for private guild chats and voice calls. Your Guild Members will be given a private invite link to the server on your guild's page.
  • You are required to download and use the Discord application when you enable it on Guild creation.

How do I set it up?

1. On Guild Creation, make sure you select "Yes" when it asks Enable Discord Server?


2. Once you have created your guild, you will need to enable the widget and change the server settings in the Discord client. Right click over your Guild Server, choose Server Settings, then Widget. Toggle the button to Enable Server Widget.


3. You will now see all of your Members in your Guild's Page.


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