What are Guilds? (Guild Leaders)

What are Guilds?

Guilds are a collaborative group of streamers with like-minded goals and desires who work together to achieve success. A Guild is led by an experienced member of the live streaming community who can help support you as you stream as well as answer all your questions.

What do Guilds do?

Streamer Guilds are like Stream Teams with a focus on mentoring — anyone (not just Partners) can search for open Guilds, create Guilds, or join Guilds. Guild leaders and members can provide each other with:

  • Mentoring: how to get started, best practices, scheduling, what games to stream
  • Content: how to create engaging content; why should people watch you?
  • Technical: how to setup the best software, plug-ins, alerts, donations, optimized settings, chat bots
  • Community: how to get discovered, keeping up interaction, doing special streams, doing events properly
  • Unique: being the best, most-authentic version of yourself
  • Motivation: don’t give up; doesn’t have to be lonely;

How can Guilds help your channel?

Guilds allow you to have a personal and direct line to an experienced live streamer for both technical and moral support as you stream while connecting you with other streamers in the same position as you. Guilds help you grow your channel through networking, playing games with other members and similar group activities. This allows you to learn all the ins and outs of live streaming to improve and grow your stream alongside getting an honest critique of your stream from someone you trust.

What is the goal of Guilds?

79% of new streamers quit within 90 days of streaming for the first time. We don’t want that to happen to you. We’ve created Guilds to bridge the gap between streamers who want to succeed and streamers who are already successful. We want to be able to connect struggling streamers with those who have already dealt with issues you are likely experiencing now so you can find solutions faster.

How should I choose a guild?

We recommend choosing a Guild by first picking a streamer whose content you enjoy and is similar to your own. We find it to be of good practice to pick someone who streams the same games and streams around the same time you do so you can communicate easily. Another thing to look at is the available Guild activities listed and decide if what is offered is what you’re looking for in a Guild as everyone has different skills and knowledge. Lastly, we have added a review system so read reviews of people who have first-hand experiences in that Guild before committing.

What is my Guild leader required to do for me?

Your Guild leader is only going to provide the activities listed on under the “Guild Activities.” While they may choose to do more a Guild leader is never required to do anything they have not listed.   

How many Guilds can I join?

You can only be a member of one free Guild so we suggest that you pick one that you feel will help you succeed the most. You can join as many paid guilds as you like. Sometimes someone with less viewers could have expertise in something you really struggle with and may be a better fit for what you need.

Why do I have to pay for some Guilds?

Guild leaders have streams/jobs of their own and a lot of the time if they are not streaming they are working on their stream. In order for them to take time away from their own stream a Guild leader may have to charge for their time and knowledge.

Will people know I’m in a Guild?

We do not show who is in a Guild to anyone but the members who are in that Guild so no one will know you are in a Guild unless you tell them.

Is this available for Youtube or other platforms too?
No, guilds is only available on Twitch right now due to the extended API support that Twitch offers developers. We hope to have this available for Youtube and other platforms in the future.

What if I am unhappy with a Guild?

While we hope that you will not be unhappy and haven given you some tips on picking a Guild there are some things you can do if you are unhappy. We have added a review system so you can inform potential new Guild members why you are unhappy. You can also leave a Guild and look for a new one to join if you no longer wish to be a part of the Guild.


For Guild Leaders:

Why should I create a Guild?

Guilds are a great way for you as an established streamer to help out newer streamers. Every streamer gets questions about how to do certain things and a lot of times they’re a bit too busy to answer or rather not talk about it during a stream. Guilds allow you to be able to answer these questions without disrupting your flow and if you choose to charge, it is a way to increase your income in exchange for your mentoring.

How do I create a Guild?

If you’re interested in creating a guild you can go here. Some things to consider are what you want to name your Guild, how many people to accept, what activities you would like to provide, and a brief description of your Guild. Please note that creating a Guild is a time commitment as your Guild members will be relying on your teaching.

I’ve created a Guild now what?

Once you’ve created your Guild people can apply to join. You have 72 hours to look over their application and check out their stream. If you feel like someone is a good fit you can accept them and on the other hand you can deny them if you do not think you’d be a good Guild leader for that streamer.

How should I promote my Guild?

At the top of your Guild page there is a public link and banners we have created to allow you to link your Guild on your stream’s page. If people are asking you for help during your stream, directing them to check out your Guild is a great way to promote your Guild!

How is this different than a stream team?

A Guild is different from a stream team in the fact that it’s not just about streaming and being a community. A Guild is based around you as an established streamer mentoring and guiding growing streamers. You are the one who is going to be giving them not only advice but honest critiques to help them grow and improve. A stream team is more based around a community of similar streamers, and Guilds are all about providing growth, mentoring and learning.

What am I required to provide for my Guild members?

You are only required to provide to your Guild members the activities that you list. If you only want to provide certain activities then only list those. At no point should you feel pressured to do something not listed for a Guild member just because you have accepted them into your Guild.

How does the Discord integration work?

When creating your Guild you have the option to connect your Discord. Connecting it will automatically create a Discord that will add new Guild members and remove them if they leave or are kicked from the Guild. All the Discord management is done automatically so you never have to worry about adding or removing members!

Can I also join a Guild if I run my own?

Absolutely! We believe you can always learn more and grow even if you are successful so go ahead and join a Guild if you’d like!

How can I link to my guild?
Guilds each have a permanent link listed at the top that you can use to link from social media, twitch or banners. We’ve provided some sample banners customized for your Twitch panels. Feel free to edit and customize them as you want.






By creating a paid guild you (“You”, “streamer”) agree to these terms of service below, in addition to the standard terms of service and privacy policies of Streamlabs (“Company”, “We”, “It”) (https://streamlabs.com/terms)

Guilds, paid or free, will remain the property of Streamlabs including any members, files, or other assets. You receive a license to operate and manage your Guild, provided it does not violate any terms of service. Streamlabs reserves the right to cancel memberships, revoke or delete your Guild if it believes that any violations have occurred.

You shall not use Guilds, or allow any of your members, to promote any hate, violence, crime, pornography, spam, harassment, illegal substances or any other illegal activity.

You are responsible for setting a price for your Guild, defining the activities/services provided, and keeping members satisfied with your Guild. You will receive a flat 65% of the membership dues generated (if any), paid out each month. Payouts can be automated or manual upon request, and are paid Net 30 after funds are received by Streamlabs. Chargebacks, refunds and payment processor fees will be paid for by Streamlabs.

Streamlabs reserves the right to cancel a Guild, or any particular member, if it believes that fraud, theft or misuse of funds is taking place. If you engage willfully in payment fraud, you will forfeit rights to any funds due to you and your Streamlabs account may be deactivated.

You shall not publicly disclose your member lists or member names. Members expect privacy when they join your Guild. Any Guild information or activities should remain private within the group.

To receive funds, you may need to provide a completed W9 (if based in the US). You will be responsible for managing and filing your own taxes in your own country or jurisdiction.

If you remove a paid member from your guild for reasons other than abuse of TOS, harassment or fraud (without “Cause”), then the member will be entitled to a partial or full refund for that month.

Any linking (such as from Twitter, Twitch or Youtube) to your guild should use your official guild link, provided to you on your guild page.

Use of any third-party services such as the optional Discord integration provided for your guild requires acceptance of their Terms of Service and Privacy policies.


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