Fix broken alerts

Due to the reliance on many different services, it is possible for the occasional issue to run into. This guide will give a few steps to try before submitting a ticket.

Update your software

Being on the most current version of your streaming software can help avoid any issues they may have been caused by old versions.

You can get the most current versions from the software of choices website

Re-log on your account

Most of our tools are heavily based on using the Twitch or YouTube API to pull info from your account.

It is possible that a connection between the two services are having issues. Logging out and back in on Streamlabs will attempt to recreate this connection.

Re-add your widget links

Sometimes the issue originates from the connection between your streaming software and the website.
The best way to avoid this is by removing your links and re-add them to your streaming software.

If the steps above did not help feel free to submit a ticket for further assistance from our support staff.


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